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UTillyty is an imaginary software house with one developer: Attilio (Tilly) Pavone.

Born in Catania - (nearly) Italy - on 07/06/1969, I began working as a developer in 1998, as before I spent most of the time thinking I was a musician.

I started with Visual Basic and then rode the Web wave which implied asp, javascript, html, xml, xsl, css and a few more I thankfully forgot, as I restarted writing proper software when the .NET platform was released.
I've been involved in developing C# cross-platform applications for a long while.
Now I'm mostly coding as an hobby (as I started playing a new instrument...) in C++ (using cross-platform toolkits like Qt or FOX) and in PHP or Python.

Here you can view my personal software on the job, download it and get the source, or ask me to write one.

Contextually, while I'm not working for you (or just having a break), I'll be writing the music section
posting the blog, or sharing some pictures.

Wasted time is that most precious.

Copyright © 2007 Attilio Pavone