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  This is the core section of the software "division".
Open source libraries, tools and applications that respond to the needs of the last generation business components and applications, as the web era is fading out and the fat client has become smart!
Part of this software is currentely under development for the needs of new projects to come...
  Simple domotic sensors notification system.

  Portable FTP Client & Server.

  Use your pc sound card as an oscilloscope, function-generator, and UART tester.

  Allows good time trials management with no gear but two smartphones.

  Turn your computer keyboard into a chromatic button accordion keyboard (C/B griff + stradella).

  PuntoGPS is a simple tracking application to show your position to others, e.g. during urban bike rides :)
It's made up of a GPS tracking app and a web based map.
The app can be run on any GPS equipped device (smartphone, tablet, etc) by the users that want to show their position and/or track their paths. No user account is required, but users can set a short status message to identify (the default is the device name).
The web map shows the current position of the active users, allowing others to find them.
It runs on any browser and supports a great variety of tile layers (Open Street Map and Google Satellite among others). As a php+mysql service can be installed on any web server (i.e. your bike-team site!). It's free, open source, portable and cross-platform.
  ViaVoip is a simple Voice Over IP application that can be used when you need to talk, chat, or send files through the internet, but you can't or don't want to make use of any third party services.
Its peer to peer design allows the two end points to connect directly to each other, without any central server nor account registration.
It runs on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Android, and is portable, that is you don't need any setup, just get a copy and run it from any storage device.
It is free and open source.
  I wrote this very simple network tester to quickly check the TCP and UDP connectivity (expecially as for NAT) among various device while writing ViaVoip (see ViaVoip project page).
It's very trivial, yet it can be very usefull, so I thought that it was worth to publish it.
It works on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Android
  z9 is a simple client-server ERP framework,
based on a Python/PyQt modular smartclient and a PHP+SQL RESTful web service,
created for the "opificio zeronove" bike shop application.
  A simple text editor focused on character sets encoding. It can be useful to analyze the binary data of text allowing to experiment with codecs (character set encoding), BOM (Byte Order Mark), EOL (End Of Line mark), and to convert files from an encoding to another. It features a basic text editor, and an hex viewer that allow to identify which character maps to which byte(s) (that may be not stright forward for multy-byte encodings). Powered by the "Qt" widgets toolkit, it supports most existing encodings (from ASCII to Unicode).
  Fileservity is a thin http file server, opensource and cross platform.
With this program you can share files and folders accross the web
in a drag and drop!
  In a nutshell, the Http Recorder add-on works as following:
the "record" function stores all visited web contents in a user selected folder;
the "play" function retreives the previosly saved content.

Http Recorder can be usefull if you have to show some web pages in a place where there is no internet access.
Differently than a web site downloader program Http Recorder can store not only a site, but all the pages you visited, jumping from a site to another.

NOTE: The Http Recorder add-on is cross-platform and it works on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.
(by the softpedia editors)

See the Install section of the readme file (link below) to download.
  C# PDF parser (read, analyze, preview and print simple pdf files).
This project is hosted by SourceForge.
  OpenSource libraries for diverse languages/platforms.
Includes components for data access, business logic, networking, user interface, deploy, and general utilities, aiming to be a framework for cross-platform client-server applications. New features are costantly developed as the need arises.
This project is hosted by SourceForge.
  SmartClient is not smart enough!
This Stub implements the NTD (No Touch Deploy) scenario extending the possibility of the native .NET class libraries, making distributed client server applications just like web pages! ;)
Requires UTillyty.Omnibus. Project hosted by SourceForge.
  .NET Tools for developers.
While a new tool is needed and not found elsewhere, a new project is started in this section.. Up to now there are some tools for system tests, resourses management, and deploying.
Requires UTillyty.Omnibus. Project hosted by SourceForge.
  Surfing behind a proxy? This url forwarding service may help... ;)
Implemented both in the exe (Console) and the web version.
Requires UTillyty.Omnibus. Project hosted by SourceForge.
  Pure AJAX photo album manager (the one i used for my pictures section).
  The very best of useless software!
Most of the software in this section is completely pointless. That's when the concept of beauty arise... Those programs were written to help in learning (or teaching) a new language, or just for fun.
If the mere fact that something is useless doesn't mean that is beautyful...nevertheless it's a good start;)
  Momentum Divertissements
  Elastic collisions simulator. Implements the law of Momentum conservation.
Comes in tree versions: Exe, ScreenSaver (Win32) and Web (W3C).
  Planets orbits simulator. Implements the law of gravitation.
Put at least 2 bodies in the empty space and watch what happens!
  Peer to peer chess game application.
  A few Web Sites I've made
  Jali Diabate
  The web site of Catania based Senagalese musician/composer Jali Diabate.
  The Contrafact Book
  Music album.
  Critical Mass Catania
  The web site of the Critical Mass in Catania.
  Technical articles I've published around.
  Visual Studio Designer cache hell
  A practical workaround for the "Unable to cast object of type T to type T" error in Visual Studio Designer
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